Can we bring in data from Dynamics365 to Power BI?

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This is the report that we have generated in Dynamics365. How do we consume it in Power BI without having to bring in the underlying tables and model it within Power BI?

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Hi kingofatoms,

My understanding of your question is “Can I take the numbers on that report and put them into a ValQ model without redoing the modeling that build the table all over again?”

Short answer is yes.  I haven’t done it personally but if I remember the process.  The quick way to do it is to export the report data by clicking the export button at the top as a csv or Excel file.  Then in Power BI just Get Data on the file you saved it as.

If you want a workflow that updates it daily without your intervention though you will want to connect it in some way directly to Dynamics through an Odata feed or your data in another way.  I am not sure if the report itself can be sent over a Dynamics -> Power BI itself or just the data itself.  I will ask around and see if anyone else knows the answer to that.

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