Hide inactive items or set a threshold


I want to add a dimension on my report and present items on the simulation only when there is a value (>0) for the selected field e.g. Sales or even be able to set some kind of a rule where when i am expanding the specific dimension e.g. branches / stores the ones to appear will be only those that there is value otherwise i end up having to present items/values that they do not reveal any information. how can i modify what is shown and how based on some conditions / filtering?

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Enabling Hide empty nodes in Model > Settings > Canvas will hide null nodes and display nodes that contain any value.

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Thank you for the reply @Varoothini! Is there a way to go beyond this setting and add some threshold that will trigger whether a node appears or not so that to avoid inflation of trivial nodes?

Hi! We do not have an option to set a threshold for making the node appear on the tree. I suggest that you can change the scaling of the node values to thousands or millions to get the big picture and mute trivial values.

thank you for the reply. I will check the suggestion with the units / scaling but it would be great if you can add this functionality i described / asked as it will make the tool more flexible.