What-If analysis: Only use whole numbers.

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If we have a node for Full Time Employees and want to perform What If scenario’s on that, the slider only allows 2% increments. Given that we can’t have a fraction of a full time employee, how can we change it to whole numbers?


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Let’s consider a node Full Time Employees. To simulate click on the icon higlighted in the below image.

The dialog box opens.

Click on the Edit icon. In the dialog box that opens, you can manually enter values for each period if needed. Let’s say you want to simulate May and June to 105, you simply have to enter the values and close the dialog box.

You can see the changes reflected.

Hope this answers your question.

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Thanks Chandra,
I can see that the function is there however, one of the best features of ValQ is the slider to quickly analyse different scenarios. Manually entering figures is clunky and takes away from the great usability that the program otherwise offers. Ideally, in the ‘Simulation’ section of the ‘Edit node’ window, it would be great to have a switch to simulate by whole numbers only or not.


Hey Kurt,

Thanks for your interest in ValQ.

We do have exactly what you are looking for in the same place that you are specifying.

Node Editor -> Simulation -> Constant

(OR) At run time

This will simulate all the future periods with the same constant value – the constant value is based on the first simulate-able period.

Hope this helps you.

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