Error when there are blank periods of data, expect to see data in the correct month.


The source data is correctly displayed in the table visual.
VDT incorrectly shows the data as being in consecutive months.

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Hi Peter

We do not have time mapping in ValQ, so the better suggestion would be to create a dim table with twelve months.

Create a join between your table and newly created time dim table.

Use the time from time dim table in the period section and this should help you to solve this issue.

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Thanks for the comment.
I do have a date dimension and have fact data at daily granularity.
It seems that if I use the daily granularity the values displayed in the VDT are for the first day of the month – not an aggregate for the month.
As an alternative I added a date dimension attribute being the First of the Month ie every day in May has 1st May as this attributes value.

This displays the data as expected where there are contiguous months of data but does not resolve the issue when the months are not contiguous.

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