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Dear Team,

I am looking at template New> Open a Sample Model > P&L for small and Medium size business

Its showing sample visualizations with data. Is there any option to export this sample data ?

Top RHS, Edit > Export data is not working.

I would like to play around with this sample data.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi, Export is part of the Collaborate features. If you are interested in exploring ValQ, we provide a 30 day free trial of ValQ Collaborate on the latest version which has all the Enterprise license features.


Most of the core valQ users, will be using the “Quick Editor” – exported xls as “template” for reusing the structure as part of their multiple use cases. Right now, it doesn’t store “Navigation Panel” settings as part of it. It will be great if it does store the “nav Panel” Settings along with tree structure.

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Many of the obvious keyboard shortcuts are missing. It would be great to add them as well.

Some examples

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Can you please clarify you mean by this?

Esc – to close Node Editor
Ctrl + Enter should submit the form
Ctrl + Up/Down arrow should zoom in/out
but not limited to the above. Apart from keying in the values, we are not using keyboard keys to do any other operations.


Is it possible to incorporate excel functions and formulas for nodes in ValQ?

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This is not yet implemented but is planned for a future release. I am currently working on the design and implementation of this functionality. If there are any particular functions you would like us to prioritize your feedback is welcome.


It would be great to have the option to download a model’s configuration data.

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Hi Krishna,

The current development version has write back functionality the will send an HTTP POST request to a designated URL and will transmit the model in JSON format.

When can we expect this feature to get released with ValQ in the Power BI appstore?

The plan (which can of course change from moment to moment) is soon. We want to make sure everything is perfect before release rather than rushing out a feature and then it turning out not to work. The plan is at least one release a month for the next couple of months. If the feature makes it in the next release I cannot say for sure, but I believe it is planned.

Update: I am told it has already been sent out on our end and it is in the approval pipeline.

Version 1.2 is now live in the Microsoft Marketplace so that you can update your ValQ to have this feature.