Is it possible to combine simple and advanced model?

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I am new to use valQ visual in my Power BI report. I just followed the profit margin model video to create my first report, which is good. Now I want to see if I can slice this model by product brand. As soon as I introduce additional field under category, all the nodes become blank. It seems like each node needs to be linked to a specific account and brand. This is almost impossible to do if we have lots of brands which make me think maybe this is not the right tool for me (I’d like to do what if analysis). It also makes it less dynamic as the brand might change from time to time in certain region. Does any one know if I can achieve this by using this tool?

Also, is there any way to hide the variance section in each node? Sometimes we just have one aggregated data for pre-defined time period, so no need to show the variance or time period variance.

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Wenchi Wang

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