Multi year data – selects oldest data – how to change to default to most recent data?

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When there is more than a single year of data available, the VDT displays the oldest data.
Can the default behaviour be changed to a different year?
It is unlikely that user preference is ever to see the oldest data by default.
This will be complicated in cases when you have actuals and plan data – the plan data could be well into the future.
Ideally there would be the option to configure a default by a relative date dimension attribute i.e. current year is 0 next year is +1 last year is -1 etc.

User can set the default by selecting a default relative year value.

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Hi Peter

Go to Model/Dataseries/Dataseries manager:

Activate Include comparison data series, then you would be able to select any year data in ValQ.

Below is the attached screenshot

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